Television production is a monstrous endeavor. The responsibility of "team work" is hugely important to make a show a success. The award winning production company Raven 6 Studios has produced over 50 television shows from "conception" to the fully edited shows airing in front of millions of viewers on Networks around the world.  To gain quality sponsorship dollars...every element within the show must be just as important as the next. Raven 6 excels in award winning graphics, story-telling, music composition, field production, photography, social media management, and post production editing that speaks for itself. We are perfectionists when it comes to creating a successful business model. 

Television Production

Life Through the Lens TV Show

-Social Media/Website Management
-Field Production Filming
-Aerial Cinematography

-Color Correction
-Commercial Allocations
-Original Music Composition
-Network shipping and communications

-Field Production Travel/Coordination
-Script Writing
-Open, Map, and Billboard Animations
-Editing (off-line and on-line)

TV Production Elements Include (can be hired in whole or in part):

Raven 6 Studios wins Network's highest award, Best Overall Production, for the creation of the outdoor TV show Whitetail Freaks

Omujeve Safaris - Ivory Camp

NWTF's Turkey Call


Raven 6 Studios edits on state of the art editing software/hardware of Avid Media Composer with light-speed fiber-channel server storage.  

No matter the concept...Raven 6 Studios can bring an idea to ANY location.

Show Open Animation

Professional storyboards are designed to walk each client through the entire "creative process" from the graphic concept to finished product production for open animations.   

concept Storyboards and Original Music Composition

Show open/billboard animations, lower-third graphics, logo design, and ending credits are equally important to adding the "polish" to a well produced television show or company promotional video to bring it to life. Raven 6 Studios then combines this look with an original, theme-written, music composition performed by extremely talented musicians and vocal artists from all around the world. 

Show Open Animation

Concept Storyboards and Original Music Composition