"My life in the outdoors began just like the birds and deer. They woke up in the woods... and called it home. So did I."

Outdoor Life

Raven 6 flies state of the art UAVs to create the cinematic look from the "eye in the sky" 

No matter the conditions...Raven 6 Studios provides the highest quality camera equipment to meet the needs of the most demanding television production 

Raven 6 Studios is PADI underwater diving certified and films the action above and below the surface 




From the moment I was born I was meant to work with wildlife. After 21 years of award-winning outdoor television production work...the passion for living in the field still grows. Each year, filming with better cameras and editing with extreme clarity that brings nature into your living-room...is absolutely amazing!

The essence of Beard Oil and Cigars

"Miller... jason Miller" 

Whitetail Freaks (Best OVERALL Production Award Winner)
Gettin' Close
The Crush
ESPN's Whitetail Country
A&E's Investigative Reports
Major League Fishing

Beyond the Hunt
NBC Sports Wildlifers
ESPN's Territories Wild
Discovery Channel's Ocean Impact
National Geographic's Big Fish
ESPN's Advantage Adventures
Life Through the Lens

TLC's The Royal Wedding
Cabela's Ultimate Adventures
Extreme Expeditions
ESPN's Great Outdoor Games
ESPN's Pro Hunter's Journal
Trailing the Hunter's Moon
ESPN's Strategies in the Wild

ESPN's B.A.S.S Classic
ESPN's Super Retriever Series
ESPN's Territories Wild
NWTF's Turkey Call
NWTF's 365
Bass Pro Shop's Outdoor World
NBC Sports Whitetail Revolutions


The "Best Overall Production" award winning production company Raven 6 Studios houses Avid Media Composer editing software and hardware with lightening speed fiber-channel server storage to edit, color correct, create graphic animations and music composition, apply special effects, insert professional voice-over reads, read/write scripts, pin-point commercial allocations, and master FULLY produced outdoor/reality/documentary style television shows from start to finish.