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"Producing television shows is my Life"...says Jason Miller. Having been on ALL sides of production...Jason started with his own outdoor television show "In Pursuit" over 19 years ago. Since that time, he produces television shows from "idea conception" to sending the finished show to networks around the world. "Each show has it's own image, creativity, and identity...and that's what I love about the creation of each. Using different creative ideas and concepts...evolving with new equipment and traveling the world for production is what I love!" Having won multiple Network awards on ESPN, Outdoor Channel, Sportsman's Channel, and Pursuit....Jason's highest award "Best Overall Production" for his creation of the Whitetail Freaks television show beat out 200+ network shows to be brought home as #1. No matter the job...Field Production, Script Writing, Graphics/Animation, Editing, Color Correction, Cinematography...Jason and Raven 6 Studios handles every aspect of television show production... and can be seen all over the world today.