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Jason Miller

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and doing what he loves....producing television shows. As one of the pioneer's of Sony's XDCAM camera system...Jason has lived in the harshest climates imaginable and put this camera through the tests....Africa, -65 degree temps in the North Pole, 28 days of rain in Alaska, Northwest Territories, South name it....Jason has lived among the elements and has seen many "tape-format" cameras fail loosing hours of hard earned moments on tape. Fortunately, today's laser and file based format cameras have changed the industry and travel with Jason on every trip. For 6 months of the year Jason is in the field in-front-of or behind the camera....the second half of Jason's life is spent in the studio producing the shows you watch on National tv. Bringing the footage into the studio, transcoding, writing scripts, music composition, Voice Over coordination, color correction, graphics/computer animation, mastering the final show, and hosting television shows is what Jason lives for. "Without a doubt, I live for photography and production. No matter the videos, reality and outdoor production, or still photography.... this is what I was born to do!" Says Jason Miller. Nothing says this more than having won the highest award... "Best Overall Production" for his creation of the television series... Whitetail Freaks.

From the moment Jason Miller was born....he was destined to be in the outdoors! Having grown up in the backyard lakes and woods of his childhood home....Jason spent every moment hunting and fishing and living in the outdoors. Growing up...Jason earned a BFA degree in Graphic Design/Illustration and minors in Forestry/Wildlife/and Fisheries, Art history, and Photography at the University of Tennessee. From there Jason traveled west to work on a Master's degree in Computer Animation/Photography at the Memphis College of Art in Memphis Tennessee. Soon after.... Jason met Mr. Scott Liles, the host of outdoor television show "In Pursuit", and Jason was offered the position of senior videographer for Scott's show. Within 6 months... Jason took it upon himself to learn full bore television production and took over the rolls of producer, editor, script writer, and HOST of In Pursuit when Scott transferred to a new show in Nashville. From that moment on...Jason's career in outdoor production was born. Since that time.... after working with many producers and executive producers of various television shows.... Jason made the investment into his own television production company and created Raven 6 Studios. Today.... Jason travel's the world carrying cameras

Jason Miller